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Hello, and welcome to the Transformers Cinematic Universe! This Wiki is made to inform you about the Transformers live-action movie series and related material made by Paramount Pictures and Hasbro. This is not a place to make pages on any of the cartoon series nor are you allowed to post fan fiction. No use of swearing or sex is allowed unless the line is quoted from the films.

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What is considered canonEdit

For those who don't know, canon pretty much means what is history in the Transformers Universe. There are many TV shows, games, and movies that have been released that are related to Transformers, but most of it has little to nothing to do with the Transformers cinematic universe that was created by Paramount and Michael Bay. We will not except anything that isn't canon in any of the pages unless you can prove it is in canon with the series. I will listen if you give a reasonable argument to let it be considered canon. All listed below is considered canon.


Spin-Offs Edit

Crossovers Edit

  • Transformers v. G.I. Joe (TBA)


  • Transformers One (animated prequel set on cybertron) (TBA)

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