Lockdown is a ruthless cybertronion mercenary who is feared even by the fearsome Decepticons. Once he has a target set, nothing stops him from destroying or capturing it.

In the Transformers Animated cartoon series, lockdown shares a history with Ratchet and Arcee. He was most famous for wieling a hook on his hand and the EMP blaster. However, in AOE, Lockdown is known for his head being able to transform into a blaster and him being ruthless. He considers Autobots and Decepticons to be like children, making a mess out of the universe when he has to clean it up (guess he doesn't consider decimating most of Hong Kong 'making a mess out of the universe').

He was sent by the mysterious 'Creators' to track down and bring Optimus Prime to them because they wanted him back. Lockdowns first scene in AOE shows him executing Ratchet. Upon his arrival to Earth, the bounty hunter teams up with Cemetery Wind and offers them a 'Seed' in return for Prime. Optimus in the end Splits his head asunder, saving Cade Yeager. Lockdowns origin in the film is unknown, and it is unlikely that Bay will ever tell the story of Lockdown since they have to deal with creating a Cinematic Universe, however, there may potentially be a few mentions or even visions of the bounty hunter himself if Prime is to conf the Creators who are most presumably the Quintessons.

  • Lockdown is voiced by Mark Ryan
  • Just as his animated counterpart, Lockdown posses the ability to transform his hands into certain weapons like a hook, blaster or even a spark extractor device
  • Lockdown was originally intended to be a green black muscle car. However, his alternate mode was changed shortly after most likely so Lamborghini could advertise their new sports cars.