Barricade is a Decepticon scout and Bumblebee's rival in the first film. He has a minion named Frenzy.

Transformers film Edit

Voice actor: Jess Harnell (English)

After being active on Earth for some time, Barricade arrived to pick up Frenzy after his minion's attempt to hack into and sabotage the United States military network on Air Force One. From data Frenzy had acquired, the two learned of Sector Seven, "Project Iceman", and the "Witwicky man", the discoverer of the entombed Megatron. Using the internet, the duo learned that Megatron had accidentally marked Witwicky's glasses with the location of the long-lost AllSpark—glasses which were now being auctioned on eBay by his descendant, ladiesman217.

Tracking the human to the town of Tranquility, Barricade appeared in the path of ladiesman217 as he was attempting to flee Bumblebee, whom he mistakenly believed was out to harm him. Believing Barricade to be a legitimate police vehicle, Ladiesman217 requested the "officer's" help, only for Barricade to transform right in front of him. As ladiesman217 fled, Barricade knocked him onto the hood of an abandoned car, then violently demanded information on "eBay item 21153". Ladiesman217 and his female friend, who had been drawn into the encounter, managed to escape him when Bumblebee convinced the boy to trust him, and Barricade pursued both the Autobot and two humans to a junkyard. After temporarily losing and then regaining their position, he charged into battle, activating his mace/rotating blade, and dispatched Frenzy to chase down the humans. The battle started off pretty good and worked in Barricade's favor until Bumblebee slammed him into an office, Barricade then rolled over and took back control by bashing his fists on Bumblebee's head. However, their battle ended with Barricade heavily damaged.

Barricade had repaired himself by the time Frenzy (who infiltrated Sector Seven) transmitted both Megatron and the AllSpark's location to his fellow Decepticons. Knowing that the Decepticons were coming, the humans and Autobots tried to transport the AllSpark to Mission City for extraction, but Barricade and Bonecrusher caught up to them on the highway into the city. Barricade attempted to clear a path through the traffic by activating his sirens; Bonecrusher simply rammed everything in his way. Ladiesman217—riding inside Bumblebee—recognized Barricade, and in response to his call for action, Optimus Prime, Ironhide, and Ratchet realigned to block the Decepticon from getting to the human and the AllSpark. Barricade was last seen as Bonecrusher pulled ahead to attack Optimus, but he was absent from the subsequent battle in Mission City for unknown reasons.

Dark of the Moon film Edit

He was one of the many Decepticons seen in the invasion of Chicago. Eventually he, SoundwaveShockwave and many others rounded up most of the Autobots and held them prisoners. With some motivation from Dylan Gould, Soundwave decided to execute the Autobots. Soundwave shoved Que/Wheeljack in the center of the circle where he was shot and killed by Barricade. When the NEST reinforcements arrived, he was attacked and blinded by the snipers while confronting at a fellow Decepticon. Unfortunately, a soldier placed a boomstick on his leg created by the Autobots, cripping him and he is showed shooted by the N.E.S.T's soldiers. Barricade then isn't seen afterwards.

Age of Extinction film Edit

Footage of Barricade at the Battle of Chicago was shown by Harold Attinger to demonstrate how Transformers were dangerous.

The Last Knight film Edit

Voice actor: Jess Harnell (English)

Having survived the injuries he sustained in the Chicago war and avoided being hunted down by the humans in the years since, Barricade had been rebuilt into a sleeker new form. He acted as Megatron's spy and scout in his search for the Knights of Iacon talisman. Unknown to him, he had long been under surveillance of the US government. In the ruins of Chicago, he witnessed the talisman being bestowed to Cade Yeager by one of the Knights. He was however unable to claim it due to arrival of the heavily armed TRF, and he watched from a distance as they entered a stand off with Yeager and the Autobots.

He reported back to Megatron, incidentally angering his leader by flashing his light in his face. He reported the events of his mission, and Megatron was further angered by his failure to retrieve the Talisman, which was needed to find the Staff they required. Unknown to either, their conversation was being monitored by William Lennox and General Morshower through a bug planted on Barricade. Barricade managed to salvage the situation, indicating he knew who could lead them to the Staff: the TRF themselves. Based on Barricade's plan, Megatron used Human hostages to broker a deal with TRF and secured the release of fellow Decepticons Mohawk, Dreadbot, Nitro Zeus and Onslaught.

He later joined his leader and cohorts in their hunt for Yeager. They arrived at Yeager's scrap yard but Yeager had already fled to a nearby town and they followed. They were met with some not-quite-unexpected resistance in the form of the Autobots Bumblebee, Drift, and Crosshairs and blasted by a trap set by Yeager. Barricade took point in pursuing Yeager through the town and attempting to attack the newly-arrived Grimlock, but was swiped through a wall by the Dinobot's tail. He was then seized in the Dinobots jaws and flung about madly. When Dreadbot and Onslaught fell in battle, he and the other survivors quickly retreated, though they left Mohawk behind to fend for himself.

He and his comrades then followed Yeager to England, knowing he was the key to finding the Staff. In London, he chased down the fleeing Bumblebee, who had Yeager and Viviane Wemblywith him. He attempted to ram them but was blasted away by his Autobot nemesis. He transformed to catch himself but fell into oncoming traffic and was rammed by a large truck. Commenting on how much it hurt, he had been hit hard enough that he was too weak to continue the pursuit.

He later rendezvoused with Megatron and Nitro at Stonehenge, the site which would drain Unicron, who lay deep within the Earth, of his energy and revive the recently-arrived Cybertron. He happily gloated that he had lived to kill a planet and commented on the ease with which they could kill Unicron. They soon came under attack from the humans and he returned fire. He later vanished, apparently having fled after Megatron and Nitro had withdrawn to Cybertron, yet again living to fight another day.

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